Beiruting - Events - Mayssa Karaa launches her music campaign at the historic Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood
Dec 2018
Mayssa Karaa launches her music campaign at the historic Capitol Records Tower in Hollywood
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Mayssa Karaa knows what it's like to have a foot in 2 worlds, born in Lebanon & living in America. Her song "Call Me Stranger" explores this, debuting to rave reviews at a special Dec. 5th event.

The Capitol Records Tower, a historical venue in the heart of Hollywood has recently witnessed the launch of Mayssa Karaa's music campaign through her song release "Call Me A Stranger". World famous artists such as Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Carole King, Bob Seger, Ray Charles and Nat King Cole whose grand piano still remains at the studio have also recorded there.

The Capitol Records release party saw Mayssa perform three songs live that left the star-packed crowd over-joyed.  Some highlights of who showed up for the event include major figures from the mainstream and media press as well as the film and music industry like Warner Brothers, Dreamworks, Capitol records, ASCAP, and Berklee College of music to name a few, featuring an all-star list of guests like: Esai Morales (Award-winning actor from the series "Ozark" and "How to get away with Murder"), Michael Jay (songwriter notably known for his songs with Celine Dion and Eminem...), Mike Garson (former musical director of David Bowie), Paula Salvatore (Vice president of Capitol studios), Thomas Mignone (Film director and producer, known for his work with "Ozzy Osbourne", "Prince", "Megadeth"...), Thom Russo (16-time Grammy award winner producer), Carmine Rojas (former band member of David Bowie and the Rolling Stones), Scott Page (former band member of Pink Floyd) and many more, including from the Lebanese community in Los Angeles, the Consul general of Lebanon Mrs Mirna Khawly, and Lebanese comedian Nemr Abou Nassar.

American singer-songwriter Mayssa Karaa after 12 years of living in America, knows about the many misconceptions people have about her beautiful native country, Lebanon. Blessed with a powerful, hypnotic voice and the ability to write captivating songs, Mayssa has joined up with co-writers Richard Jacques (2017 Grammy-winning producer of Mayssa's album) and Kyler England to create "Call Me A Stranger" a masterpiece that captures her experience in the most moving of ways.

It is also clear to project Mayssa not as a victim, but as the empowered and talented woman she is, making a powerful impact on the world through thought-provoking music and art.

"This song 'Call Me a Stranger' describes my search for my identity and the real me. Hopefully, this song will touch hearts in a positive way."

The video (directed by Columbia Tatone) was sponsored by the Lebanese Maronite Foundation and INDEVCO in partnership with the Lebanese Diaspora Energy,  with a mission to help Lebanese people abroad (who don't have their citizenship) reclaim their Lebanese identity and citizenship with the aim of reconnecting them with their roots, a mission very well aligned with Mayssa's message behind her song.