Beiruting - Events - Al Khatt Festival
Jul 2021
Al Khatt Festival
Al Khatt festival is an event curated by Khawla Art and Culture,
aiming to revive and harness the long lost art of Arabic Calligraphy
and motivate the community of artists and art lovers around it.
In it’s rst event, Al Khatt festival will be taking place in Beirut, and
specically on the St. Nicholas stairs, Gemmayzeh; a stairs that is
also called “L’escalier de l’Art” featuring four established calligraphy
artists Fadi Alawayid , Everite Barbee, Rola Dlaykan and Ghaleb
Hawila. from the 9th till the 11 th of July 2021. Each Artist will
present six of his masterpieces with inspiring messages and quotes.
We chose Beirut for this Art initiative as it represents a melting pot
of art and culture from around the Arab and Middle Eastern area.
The joined eorts of the Khawla Art and Culture foundation, along
with the chosen Caligraphy artists, partnering with Modern
Arabesque magazine create an emerging experience on the long
artistic history of the Gemmayzeh stairs in the center of Beirut
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