Beiruting - Events - Nada and Utsav wedding Jaipur Fusion
Dec 2023
Nada and Utsav wedding Jaipur Fusion

Design Dreams, Engineering Brilliance: Nada & Utsav's wedding Jaipur Fusion"

Embark on a journey where design dreams and engineering marvels converge in the heart of Jaipur. Nada Alameddine, the Lebanese luminary of engineer and product design working at Apple headquarters , joins hands with Utsav Akhoury, the Indian virtuoso of engineering working at F5 networks to create a wedding that transcends the ordinary. Nada, the visionary product designer with big dreams, finds her partner in Utsav, the one who transforms those dreams into reality. Against the stunning canvas of Fairmont, witness a three-day celebration that not only captures the essence of Nada's inspirations but elevates them to new heights through Utsav's technical brilliance. Join us in applauding the union of two minds – where Nada's creativity meets Utsav's ingenuity, crafting a love story that is nothing short of inspirational.

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