Beiruting - Events - Singuladerm launching event
Sep 2023
Singuladerm launching event
Social Event
Pharmagroup launched Singuladerm, the first molecular cosmetic brand specializing in peptides, in the Lebanese market at Arthaus Beirut. We had the privilege of hosting the CEO and the International Business Manager of Singuladerm from Barcelona as speakers for two consecutive days. Dermatologists and pharmacists were also in attendance to explore how molecular cosmetics develop active ingredients such as peptides, growth factors, and biotechnological extracts at the highest concentration in the market, each with a clear and specific function for the skin, aimed at reactivating skin cells. These active ingredients are formulated to address the root of the problem, utilizing intelligent molecules that are easily assimilated by the body and mimic the molecular structure of our own cells, thereby reactivating key functions in the skin regeneration process


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