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Mar 2023
GA of the Lebanese Society of Dermatology
Social Event

On Monday the 27th of March 2023, at Citea Hotel, Achrafieh, a General Assembly for the three medical specialties, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Otolaryngology was held, to discuss the latest in the regulation of Aesthetic Medical Practice in Lebanon and the ongoing problem of illegal aesthetic practitioners.
The meeting was chaired by Pr Youssef Bakhash (President of the LOP and President of the Lebanese Society of Plastic Surgery), Dr Raed Rtail ( Advisor to the President of the LOP for Aesthetic Practice Regulation and spokesperson for Doctors in Front),Dr.Micheline Maamari Chalouhi( President of the Lebanese Society of Dermatology) and Dr Joseph El Helou (Representing the Ministry of Public Health).

Going back in history and thanks to the efforts of the Lebanese Society of Dermatology , law No. 30, was issued in 2017, and is meant to regulate Aesthetic Medical Practice in Lebanon. It clearly states that only specialists in Plastic surgery, Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgery, Otolaryngology, Dermatology, and Maxillofacial surgery are entitled to practice this field of Medicine.
Unfortunately, this law is not being enforced in Lebanon, and this lineancy is allowing many illegal aesthetic shops to operate freely, using smuggled and illegal products, causing complications and disfigurement amongst patients lurred by non regulated advertisements on social media and cheap prices.

After years of struggle,and relentless demands to stop illegal aesthetic practice in Lebanon and to raise awareness amongst the general public, this meeting was held in order to find the best ways to collaborate between all parties that can help enforce the law, to put and end to this very serious problem, as it affects our medical image and the reputation of health tourism in Lebanon.

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