Beiruting - Events - Garage Souk Music Festival
Jun 2023
Garage Souk Music Festival
Get ready for a lively and joyful festival happening in Gemayzeh on June 17th and 18th.
featuring the magical music of Joe Ashkar Nicole Saba,Shiraz Viviane Mrad and a stream of various DeeJays, theatre  acts and much  much more.
Organised by Garage Souk, this event will transform the streets into a vibrant hub of creativity and culture. Its main goal is to support local artisans, students, women, and other community members while promoting unity and happiness. You'll find a variety of recycled,handmade health and wellness products, as well as other unique items showcasing Beirut's heritage and creativity. There will be workshops, exciting musical performances, and a colorful atmosphere, all aimed at bringing hope and prosperity to the capital city. Join us on this inspiring journey to rebuild and rejuvenate our beloved city, We can't wait to see you there!
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