Beiruting - Events - Becharre celebrating Christmas
Dec 2022
Becharre celebrating Christmas

Member of Parliament William Tawk held  public celebrations for Christmas and the New Year in Al Saydeh Square in Becharre last night, during which he lit an enormous Christmas tree carrying the names of the 21 villages of the casa of Bcharry, as ornaments. He delivered a speech in which he touched on the meaning of Christmas and its message of love, peace and hope.

MP Tawk highlighted the developmental needs of Becharre al-Jibba, including electricity, which he is working on, to restore soon by revamping the Kadisha and Blawza plants at his own expense.
From Al Saydeh Square, the celebrants moved to Gibran Khalil Gibran Street, adorned with lights and distinctive Christmas decorations, to participate in the Eid dinner in the open air, to the tune of musical bands, fireworks  and fabulous parades that gave an atmosphere of joy and happiness, to the people of the casa of Bcharri and a veil of light that has long been absent. .
Finally, MP Tawk and the Moukaddamin Party wished the familes of Becharre al-Jubba a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year.

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