Beiruting - Events - Illumination of Our Lady of Lebanon Shrine in Harissa in blue
Apr 2024
Illumination of Our Lady of Lebanon Shrine in Harissa in blue
Social Event
On the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, which falls on April 2, the Autism Awareness Association organized its annual mass at the Our Lady of Lebanon Church in Harissa, where the religious shrine and the shrine were illuminated in blue, in the presence of association members, some families of autistic children, and friends. Father Khalil Alwan conducted the divine liturgy, commending the efforts of the association and calling for the integration of autistic children into educational institutions and later into workplaces, according to their abilities. The president of the association, Ghada Hayek Mukhul, delivered a speech on the occasion, stating: "We have come today to the shrine of the blessed Virgin Mary because we realize that our prayers will be heard more in this sacred place. The road is difficult and not easy at all and requires a lot of sacrifices, but we are aware in every moment of our lives, especially in difficult times and moments of weakness that we face, that we rely on our Virgin mother who gives us the strength and ability to continue the journey, as we hope for increased acceptance and integration in society." Mukhul thanked the administrators of Our Lady of Lebanon Shrine in Harissa for welcoming the association and their concern for the issue of autism. The divine liturgy concluded with the illumination of Our Lady of Lebanon Shrine in blue.
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