Beiruting - Events - Kiyamet watan a Lebanese Opera
Jun 2022
Kiyamet watan a Lebanese Opera
Social Event

Kiyamet Watan”, a Lebanese Opera Musical Theater Play in Lebanese Dialect!

The story talks about the reconstruction of a broken country, where the lead character and the Hero “Soprano Nadine Nassif” known as “Nour” comes back to her home country after a very long time abroad. She takes us through her emotional journey of rebuilding Beirut with the people by revolting in an artist manner.

In her journey she will meet and connect with a lot of people, starting with the crazy man who lives on “Talit el Khoutein” known by the name of “Mounib” who sees and knows everything and he will be guiding her through her journey.

After that she started bonding with the rest of the people, from different societies and coming from different pains. In shock with all the sadness around her she starts singing for “Lebnein” until he answers her and they fall in love.

But still her first priority is to save Beirut and gather all the people together to stand all as one

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