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Better Smoking alternatives for your new Lifestyle
(What's up ?) 1 month ago
“I’d rather die from smoking than live without a cigarette”; “Cigarette is my real soulmate”, “I love
tobacco’s taste”, etc. These are a few examples of the majority of Lebanese heavy smokers’ reactions
when told about cigarette's damaging effects on health. Ranked among top countries with the highest
smokers’ rate, Lebanon has a lifelong love story with cigarettes that many smokers abroad envy us if
only for their cheap price! But wait, haven’t you heard of IQOS?!
  • Enhanced features for less harmful smoking

PMI, the global leader in innovative cigarettes, has turned the tables moving towards a smoke-free
future with heated tobacco products, less harmful than burnt cigarettes.
Since its commercialization, following extensive research and tests, PMI has been very clear about IQOS:
the product is not risk-free, but all scientific studies confirm that it is less harmful than continued
smoking. Plus, it doesn’t negatively impact indoor air quality. Indeed, thanks to IQOS HeatControl™
Technology, the device can heat tobacco to a maximum temperature of 350°C against 800°C for a classic
cigarette. So there is no combustion, no ash and most importantly, no smell. Labelled by the FDA as a
Modified Risk Tobacco Product it is 95% less harmful than the combustion of a cigarette. However, it
is important to note that it does not necessarily equal a 95% reduction in risk, as IQOS is not risk-free.
  • How does IQOS work?

Equipped with a rechargeable battery and resistance system, IQOS is designed to guarantee good
autonomy to its users allowing two or ten consecutive uses, depending on the model, without
recharging the holder. To avoid any unpleasant mishaps, a LED light signal lets you check your battery
level at a glance. Some models even come with a protective case that allows you to ideally protect the
stylus against external shocks and to charge it at the same time.
As for the taste that all smokers are concerned about, although it is a little bit different from that of a
cigarette since much of it comes from the harmful chemicals caused by burning, IQOS offers the best
balance between maintaining the taste and satisfaction of cigarettes, making it the easiest product to
fully switch to from burnt cigarettes.
Fully aware that despite constant warnings against smoking there will continue to be over 1 billion
smokers in the world into 2025 and beyond as per the World Health Organization predictions. PMI has
spent $7 billion since 2008 in the development of innovative technologies aiming to provide adult
smokers with better options than cigarettes. Allowing them at the same time to quench their thirst for
their daily nicotine fix without completely putting their health at stake, as IQOS is not free of risk.
Only a year after the release of IQOS 3 MULTI, and aiming to keep up with consumers' fast-changing
needs and expectations in terms of design and practicality, the company has introduced in the Lebanese
markets the IQOS 3 DUO, a year ago.
Needless to say that the launch of IQOS has undoubtedly accelerated the switch from cigarettes to less
harmful alternatives in Lebanon.
The company projects that by 2025 at least 40 million PMI cigarette legal age smokers will be switching
to smoke-free products. On the other hand, the company’s recent studies show that among current
IQOS users, around 72% or 12.4 million of them have completely stopped smoking cigarettes by
December 31, 2020. So, maybe now is the right time to make the first step in the right direction for reducing the risk of smoking.

  • This article is brought to you by Philip Morris Lebanon.
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