Beiruting - Events - Launching of BLF & Allianz SNA New Insurance Plans
Aug 2015
Launching of BLF & Allianz SNA New Insurance Plans
Social Event Liza

Since insurance products are no longer a luxury but a necessity, Banque Libano-Française (BLF) and Allianz SNA partnered up to launch a wide range of insurance plans which provide their clients with efficient coverage against unforeseen events.


Thanks to the new insurance products, the "Income Compensation Insurance Plan", "Home Insurance Plan", Office and/or Shop Insurance Plan", "Insurance Plan of Payment Means" and "Travel Insurance Plan", the client can avoid financial losses when hospitalized, protect his house and property, keep his business operational under all circumstances, ensure refund in case of a fraudulent incident or even benefit from a coverage abroad, starting at USD 2 per month only.


The partnership between BLF and Allianz SNA was announced during a press conference held on August 20, at Liza Restaurant, Ashrafieh, in the presence of Antoine Issa (Allianz SNA MENA Chief Executive Officer), Raya Raphaël (BLF General Manager), as well as representatives of the two parties and the media.


During the press conference, Antoine Issa declared: "Responsibility, Care, Connectivity & Excellence are the corporate values of Allianz and we have found in BLF a real partner who truly embodies these same values".


Raya Raphaël said: "The partnership with Allianz SNA contributes to our national economy, offers the best to our customers and enhances the well-being of the community we operate in. It enables BLF to further strengthen its commitment towards sustainable banking."

Doumani Street Beirut, Lebanon