Beiruting - Events - Borj Hammoud Nouks And Souks
Dec 2020
Borj Hammoud Nouks And Souks

A unique melting pot the size of a neighborhood in Europe. One of the most densely populated areas of Beirut, rich with an amazing variety of people, artisans, architecture, foods, sub cultures, history and stories.

Come and lose yourself in the nooks of Bourj Hammoud. Let Aya tell you the stories of its people. Listen to Simon play his accordion. Taste local specialties. See artisans at work in tiny cluttered shops. Meet key players in the community.

Bourj Hammoud is way more than the sum of its parts. it is a vibrant and unique spot in Beirut where the artist in you will emerge - whether through photography or whatever other medium makes you vibrate.

Discover it once a week with Tourleb. Come as a visitor, experience it as a local, and leave with tastes, colors, and new friends.

RSVP: 70 48 45 45
Price: LBP 65 000

Price: LBP 65 000

RSVP: 70 48 45 45

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