Beiruting - Events - On the Road Again: Bhamdoun and Beyond
Nov 2020
On the Road Again: Bhamdoun and Beyond

On the road between Beirut and Damascus, there lies a few towns, famous for the sweetness of their climate, for its train stations, but also for some darker war memories.

Our stop will be in Bhamdoun (el Mhatta and El Day3a) and the area around it to warm up with some local goodies such as cheese and wines.

But there will definitely be other stops! We will uncover religious places, landmarks, and other beautiful spots to make this day an experience to remember.

The price includes cheese tastings, wine tastings, guiding, activities and visits
Price: LBP 120 000
Excluding: Lunch, transport (car-pooling), personal expenses, insurance.

RSVP: 70 48 45 45

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