Beiruting - Events - Walk For Rescue at Bchaaleh
Dec 2020
Walk For Rescue at Bchaaleh

Discover Lebanon with your Dog is organizing a much needed fundaiser.

Many dogs have been rescued by amazing people in the recent months after a surge of "dumping" took place because of the tremendous challenges so many people face.

Some of these rescues have found loving homes ... in Canada, where they need to be sent.

The means to do this are huge, and rescuers really need help raising the necessary funds to do so. What is needed are: vaccines, crates, paperwork, microchips, and plane tickets...

So Tourleb wants to help - and encourages you to help too.

Join us for this edition of Discover Lebanon with your Pet, and Walk for rescues.

All benefits will go to help rescuers and rescues.

If you can't walk, donate, and if you don't have a dog, join us anyways 🙂

Meet other pet parents, learn, discuss and exchange, and enjoy the beautiful nature of Bchaaleh.

Price 65 000 LBP including organization, guiding fees and a local guide.

Level Moderate Level
Meeting point: McDonalds Amchit at 8:30AM

FOR A DETAILED PROGRAM of the day, please contact us (messenger, phone, whatsapp or email) !

Participants are asked to take their cars.

Dogs MUST be on leash.

Bring your snacks, masks, sanitizer, water for the doggies and for you.

Info and contact:
70 48 45 45

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