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Oct 2019
World Space Week Lebanon
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World Space Week Lebanon 2019 last event at Little Scientists, Ballouneh: Up close and personal with a Telescope 12 09 2019
When you hear loud expressions 'I saw Jupiter with its four moons' by kids aged 5 to 10 along the statement 'The moon has spots' by Nai Fares almost 4yrs old, then you know that the magical eyepieces of Telescopes provided by World Space Week team and organisers have transferred children into a  world outside the planet Earth.
Children visited the Science Lab and left crowned with hats of glued planets.
Such an experience would not have been possible without the inspiration of parents who believe that science and Space can enrich the culture of a society.
Divided into groups kids had  an astro quiz and the second day the winners were chosen by lot.
On behalf of the #wswlebanon2019
The National Coordinator
Dr. Cyrine Nehmé
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