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Sep 2015
Tour Sube la Temperatura
Social Event Platea
Zumba is the engine of our show.
You are invited to be led by the sensations enhanced by our show...You will laugh, you will get excited, you will have fun...everything generated by one of the biggest World leaders of this lifestyle... Zumba Education Specialist (ZES) Hermann Melo and his Tour 'Sube la Temperatura - Z33'.

The show will feature official Zumba instructors from the Middle East. It will be produced with the highest international technology, fully smart lighting and high fidelity sound.
In this gig, Herman Melo is going to give expression to intimate life experiences, from crying to laughter, from easiness to complexity, from the vaudeville to the he has shown in his worldwide-known performances!

You are invited to come and experience this event. You won't regret it. It will be unforgettable!
Herman Melo is looking forward to meeting you!!