Beiruting - Events - Teach a Child Fundraising Dinner
Jun 2014
Teach a Child Fundraising Dinner
Social Event Saint George Yacht Club

"Teach a Child" hosted a high profile fundraiser at Saint Georges Yacht Club in Beirut. More than 600 guests, all prominent social and media figures, enjoyed a rich entertainment program led by singers and percussion bands and concluded with a raffle draw.



"Teach a Child" is a non-profit organization strongly focused on ensuring the right to education for under privileged children. The organization strives to ensure that every child gains access to education and the opportunity to prosper regardless of his or her gender, location or performance. It started in 2011-2012 with the enrollment of 105 students in schools and moved to 409 students in 2012-2013. Today, 600 students are enrolled in 29 different public schools across Lebanon and the target is to reach 1000 students in 2016. "Teach a Child" cooperates with governmental organizations, community stakeholders and other NGOs to identify children in need. It covers all the expenses related to their education including registration, transportation, books, stationery, and other related charges.



In an effort to promote long-term change in child education in Lebanon, Teach a Child also lobbies to implement and enforce compulsory education throughout the country.

Today's event aims to leverage the NGO's activities towards empowering underprivileged children in Lebanon. The organization relies on the contributions of its members and the generous donations of committed individuals and corporate entities while keeping its fundraiser dinner as an annual stopover.
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