Beiruting - Events - Opening of Urban Decay
Aug 2017
Opening of Urban Decay
Social Event ABC Verdun

Urban Decay, one of the most prominent leading cosmetics brands that aims at empowering women through real true beauty, has launched its first boutique in Lebanon, which showcased glamorously at the mega mall ABC Verdun on August 2nd, 2017, in the presence of media representatives and social media influencers.

From striking mauve and silver mirror murals to a bold violet box supported by dangling chains for photo opportunity, the event exposed its “UltraViolet Edge” initiative, where UD’s global-theme purple was flaunted everywhere. With its awesome surprise giveaway bags for the first 100 people that arrived to the event (those in queue received complimentary purple lips) to strong influencers including Christen Stephan, Lea Yervanian, and Michelle Khoury, this happening proved to be a massive success. In addition, three super girl squads including surfer chicks, biker/tattoo girls, and clubbing/party girls interacted with customers to bring UD’s image to full life. Customers also enjoyed the purple-themed occasion with purple glittered cotton candy on white cones and fresh lemonade with LED ice cubes- now that’s one carnival make-up devotees did not want to miss!

L'Oréal’s owned California-based establishment was founded in 1996, and since then has been sky rocketing, owing its massive success to its legendary NAKED Collection. With its inviting wonderland make-up stations and futuristic luminescent LED ambiance, UD is not just a store, it’s the ultimate paradise for beauty enthusiasts and makeup artists who want to express, test, and experiment their love for flawless complexions.

Urban Decay is purely “beauty with an edge”, featuring a wide range of high- quality, ultra-long wearable products including primer, foundation, perfection, lipstick, and eye shadow. And since the saying goes that beauty is art, this is exactly what UD focuses on: offering hands-on complimentary looks and personal lessons on how you can master makeup the UD way. Its latest arrivals embrace their must-have color schemes focusing on a gamut of warm and pastel colors, allowing one to strike a pose this sizzling weather while still looking and feeling radiant all the way.

While the brand continues to expand rapidly, UD promises to maintain the ideal principle in keeping the perfect reputation of light complexion products for ultra-definition skin. In the end, it is not just a store, but the ultimate retreat for beauty junkies and make-up artists.  DARE to live the ultimate UD shopping experience and discover your true self in the newest addition of free standing establishment at ABC Verdun.

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