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Sep 2014
Opening of I Play
Social Event ABC Ashrafieh

Lebanon's trendiest mall hit a new high with the opening of I-Play, a playground offering a totally alternative fun and learning experience for kids. The grand opening on Friday, September 19th splashed a wave of color on ABC Achrafieh's top floor, attracting a full house of kids, parents, media and VIPs.



Kids aged two to thirteen are in for a whole new level of entertainment, as I-Play is a one of a kind graffiti themed playground in Lebanon. Graffiti is an internationally trending form of interior design for nurseries and teen rooms, and it represents an artistic pastime, giving kids the chance to celebrate a spirit of artistic freedom and go all out, alongside characters that have been created exclusively for I-Play.



Activities at I-Play include structure play, which builds excitement and challenges kids ; a rope course that will dare them to push their personal development; a climbing wall, which will appeal to the eagerness of kids and grow their will to keep aiming higher; a handcrafts corner, so kids can bring out their creative and intellectual side;  cooking classes that will foster kids' social skills and grow their sense of responsibility and independence; video games which will feed their mental and cognitive growth; and last but not least, a one of a kind digital graffiti wall that will implore kids' creativity and allow them to express themselves in an innovative way. I-Play also offers a special area for toddlers, where they can dive into the ball pool and experience the interactive panels, soliciting their parents trust.



With all these activities and more, kids will open up to a whole new level of entertainment, in a uniquely-themed experience that will stimulate their learning, education, creativity and interactive skills. Your kids will be in for a big surprise next time they visit ABC.



The opening event was a rainbow of colors and projections, with a street-themed party featuring a hip hop dancing, flash mobs, parades, live performances and raffle draws. Parents, families and media representatives were given guided tours of the venue.



That's not all: You can be the first to celebrate your kid's special events at I-Play! All are welcome to I-Play's party room for birthdays and parties.



Located at the very entrance of the playground, I-Café will open in the coming weeks and will have you covered for quick bites and treats for all the family to enjoy.

I-Play is open for the public and is located on ABC Achrafieh's L3 Level, next to Grand Cinemas, and promises education with a twist for all kids. Don't take our word for it -swing by and experience it for yourself. For more information log on to Facebook
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