Beiruting - Events - Avant Premiere of QU EST-CE QU ON A FAIT AU BON DIEU
Jun 2014
Social Event ABC Ashrafieh by Grand Cinemas

Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu? is a French comedy film directed by Philippe de Chauveron and has attracted over 200,000 viewers in 621 cinemas on the first day. With more than 9 Million tickets sold; Qu'est-ce qu'on a fait au Bon Dieu? has managed to make number 40 in the list of 100 highest-grossing films of all time in France.



Mr. and Mrs. Verneuil, Catholic Bourgeois from Chinon, are parents of four daughters.  The three eldest are already married each to a French man of a different origin; a Muslim Arab, a Sephardi Jew, and a Chinese. They pretend to accept the situation; however, racism dominates. Even the sons-in- law start exchanging insults due to their different dogmas. One daughter is left, the youngest of them all, whom they have entrusted to bring home the catholic. She actually did! Charles! Stunningly, the man is black!



The two families meet, and Charles' father turned out to be more spiteful than any other, thus threatening the success of the wedding to come.



The movie is highly comic. It reflects reality in an ironically sarcastic way and attempts to enlighten freedom of choice and promotes openness.



Under the high patronage of the French Ambassador to Lebanon His Excellency Mr. Patrice Paoli, Falcon Films, Grand Cinemas and L'Institut Francais du Liban has organized the avant premiere of the No.1 movie on the Box Office in France. Actresses Frederique Bel & Emilie Caen, two of the daughters in the movie, were invited to take part in it. Mr. Isaac Fahed, the marketing manager of Grand Cinemas, was present to organize this event. When we interviewed him asking about the purpose behind featuring this movie in Lebanon and hosting the two actresses, he replied that Grand Cinemas wanted to take part in promoting this movie in attempt to support French movies in Lebanon. Given the success of this movie, hopefully this step will bring forth many successful ones to come.



By : Stephany B.

Ashrafieh , Beirut
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