Beiruting - Events - Notre Dame De Paris at Jounieh Festival
Jul 2017
Notre Dame De Paris at Jounieh Festival
Festival Jounieh International Festival

This summer, Jounieh International Festival has brought dazzle to the eyes, joy to the hearts and enchantment to the spirits with the musical masterpiece, Notre Dame de Paris.

The original version of the huge piece of theater, inspired by the novel of Victor Hugo and featuring the star Hiba Tawaji in the role of Esmeralda, was supervised by the brilliant director and musical composer, Oussama Al Rahbani.

Hiba Tawaji mesmerized the audience with her unique performance in an appearance that unveiled a well-written plot and an excellent stage direction and beautifully combined the Lebanese talent with an international twist. By appearing next to elite international actors in a wonderful work of art, Tawaji ingrained pride in the hearts of the Lebanese.


Indeed, the location was worthy of the historical dimension of the show and aligned with the technical requirements of a cultural activity meant to rise as another sign of openness, and an embodiment of Lebanon’s message.