Beiruting - Events - Wael Kfoury at Jounieh Festival
Jul 2017
Wael Kfoury at Jounieh Festival
Festival Jounieh International Festival

By inaugurating its international festival with the ambassador of Romance, the star Wael Kfoury, Jounieh has proven that it encompasses geographical limits.


The city has indeed risen, body and soul, into a touristic oasis that hosted the loveliest nights of love and passion and welcomed into a unique stadium bordering the most beautiful part of the bay a large audience avid for wonders.


On Sunday, 2 July, under the patronage of his Excellency, Avedis Guidanian, minister of tourism, Kfoury enchanted fans and lovers of all ages with the most beautiful incarnations of sensitivity and grand performance in a captivating concert.


The Lebanese star has lifted spectators into a magical world where he received great applause and acclaim for his music and lyrics.


Jounieh International Festival has indeed made the difference.


The festival saw the light of day six years earlier following an initiative launched by the civil society in order to revive the touristic and economic activity in the city and its suburbs. Ever since, the Jounieh International Festival Committee has proved that it keeps its promises and is forever loyal to the city. Thus, in a time of passivity and scarce efforts, the seventh version of the festival has successfully brought forth to the public an image of glamour, excellence and creativity.