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Jun 2019
MyNaturalBreak with Phyto at Mauritius Day3
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Beiruting Visits Mauritius to Celebrate Phyto's 50th Anniversary

Beiruting took a trip to Mauritius on a short getaway with Phyto Paris and Jowae France.

In celebration of Phyto's 50th anniversary, we set out on June 25 for a quick flight to Mauritius, where Phyto and female influencers from all over the world greeted us at La Pirogue Resort. The resort stood with an undeniable beauty, stunning architecture, summer vibes, and a calming ambience.

After basking in the beauty of our surroundings and taking a tour of the resort, we enjoyed a delectable lunch at Coconut Café Restaurant with a quick welcome speech. That afternoon we were extremely well pampered. Phyto spoiled us with exceptional hair care and Jowae gave us a much-needed relaxing facial at Cinq Mondes Spa. That wasn't all for our first day. We experienced an evening like no other, sipping drinks while watching the sunset, and indulging in dinner on the beach.

The following day was one full of intriguing history and hands-on activities. We kicked it off with a presentation about Phyto's evolution and celebrated its 50th anniversary. They shared with us the products of the summer. Phyto Plage is UV protective sun oil we highly recommend that sprays on smooth and leaves stunning shiny beach waves in your hair. Phytodetox consists of five simple steps: scalp detox, shampoo, mask, heat protective spray, and lastly the gel. As with all of their products, the detox is natural and free from chemicals.

The presentation was followed by a celebration of Phyto's well-known botanical power, in which we crafted vibrant floral crowns before showing off our creations in a fun photoshoot. Keeping the day's festivities alive, we spent the afternoon exploring famous Mauritian landmarks. It truly is a beautiful destination.

Thursday was all about Jowae. After a private relaxing yoga class in the morning, we enjoyed a satiating and healthy detox breakfast buffet over a Jowae brand presentation, where they gave us the full scoop about the Korean brand that boasts anti-aging masks and moisturizers, before taking a trip to The Long Beach where we were pampered again.

The remaining days were full of summer sun, delicious food, more exciting excursions in Mauritius - where we saw the Mauritius waterfalls, and of course got to know the lovely brands behind the events, as well as the influencers that joined us from all over the world.

#MyNaturalBreak was a wonderful experience! Major thanks to Phyto Paris, Jowae France, La Pirogue, and the beautiful Mauritius for an unforgettable trip.