Beiruting - Events - Launching of Ninety Degrees
Aug 2015
Launching of Ninety Degrees
Social Event Hippodrome de Beyrouth

What you see is less than what you get! Under this slogan, "NINETY DEGREES", the new cutting-edge mobile venue solutions concept in the Lebanese events scene, mobile retail and exhibition venues, hosted an afternoon launching event on Wednesday, August 19th 2015, at the Beirut Hippodrome. This is a new creative and cost effective media channel that delivers heightened brand exposure and direct interaction with the consumer or target audience.



Already an incredibly popular concept in the US and Europe, NINETY DEGREES is introducing this highly flexible platform, supported by a diverse array of amenities, allowing it to adapt in shape, size, branding and even servicing, to reflect exactly the personality of each brand it is intended to portray.



At Ninety Degrees, "we take pride in blending style, branding and functionality with innovation to introduce a new, cost-effective live experience that engages the audience powerfully", highlighted Mr. Maurice Daou, General Manager of NINETY DEGREES. "We offer private individuals and agencies from different sectors the opportunity to make a lasting impression by placing their event at a pedestal".



NINETY DEGREES offers an out-of-the-box opportunity for companies to meet their target audience face to face, their experience stemming from their partnership with Showplace Ltd. in the UK. "Our trailers take you directly to your customer's doorsteps by setting you up at concerts, festivals or fairs", he added.



Following the opening speech, marketers and media representatives were invited to self-discover the two roadshow trailers, baptized "Lady Grey" and "Desert Rose"; creatively set-up for the occasion inside the Beirut Hippodrome's race track. Guests were dazzled by the diverse array of built-in services including catering, a bar, indoor LED screens, full air-conditioning, surround audio systems, to name a few.

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