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Nov 2015
L'Occitane by Pierre Herme
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L’OCCITANE founder Olivier Baussan invited his friend, pastry chef Pierre Hermé, to compose a collection of scents for L’OCCITANE just the way he wanted.



The result - beautifully crafted fragrances that are both complex and unequivocal, living memories of the lands of the Mediterranean and the Island of Beauty so loved by both men.



While the fragrances were imagined by Pierre to represent the fresh and sweet summers of Corsica, Olivier and his team at L’OCCITANE brought them to life through the brand’s expertise and dedication to remain true to his conception.



Talking about his collection, Pierre Hermé said: “My main aim with these products is to move away from the expected ingredients used in cooking, and create fragrances I liked. These products are a way for me to translate my memories of summers at Corsica into creations that everyone can enjoy”.



Oliver Baussam, L’OCCITANE En Provence’s founder, added: “Our brand shares one important thing with Pierre – sincerity in our commitments, which explains our friendship and why it has gone on for so many years. It was a great experience to work with a master of taste like Pierre and create these compositions that one almost wants to meet, and we hope our audience loves them as much as we do”.



The collaboration has given rise to three exquisite collections, each evoking a unique sensation:



Jasmine – Immortelle – Neroli


“Contrasts are affinities”, explains Pierre Hermé. And this can be seen in the unusual blend of Jasmine, Immortelle and Neroli – three soulmates that tease each other with their gentle and fiery moods, their sheer lightness and sensual richness.



Floral and absolutely feminine, the fragrance of pastry chef Pierre Hermé balances the white notes of gardens at dawn with the gold of a flower that still flourishes throughout the Corsican maquis. The collection consists of an Eau de Toilette (LBP 129,000), Shower Gel (LBP 41,000), Body Lotion (LBP 60,000), Shimmering Body Powder (LBP 69,000), Perfumed Soap (LBP 11,000), Hand Cream (LBP 20,000) and Lip Gloss (LBP 20,000).



Pamplemousse – Rhubarbe


Who other than Pierre Hermé would dare to combine the flavours of Rhubarb, Clove and Nutmeg with the temperamental scent of Grapefruit? This soft, subtle blend is the signature of a man who deeply loves Corsica – an island whose beauty he shares every summer with Olivier Baussan.



The tantalizing scent is captured in the Eau de Toilette (LBP 129,000), with the collection also including a Shower Gel (LBP 41,000), Body Lotion (LBP 60,000), Hand Cream (LBP 20,000), Lip Gloss (LBP 20,000) and Perfumed Soap (LBP 11,000).



Miel Mandarine


This final fragrance from Pierre Hermé combines characteristic notes of Honey, Mandarin Orange and Immortelle. The collection includes Hand Cream (LBP 20,000) and Lip Gloss (LBP 20,000).



The story behind the collaboration

Pierre Hermé began his career at the age of 14, working for Gaston Lenôtre. He has revolutionized deep-seated traditions and is continually inventing new flavours. Pierre Hermé, creator of the new collection from L’OCCITANE, not only has a memory for flavours, but also for scents. He is inspired by “ingredients that awaken desires, raw materials that conjure up pleasures”.


Olivier Baussan, the founder of L’OCCITANE created the designs for the collections of the brand he established in 1976. For this collection created with Pierre Hermé, Olivier Baussan designed not just the bottle, but also the box. With its lift-off lid, cylindrical form and aromatic colours, it reminds you as much of a hat box as it does the shape of a cake.

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