Beiruting - Events - BML Signature Agreement with Silvio Chiha
Oct 2015
BML Signature Agreement with Silvio Chiha
Social Event Le Yacht Club

A cocktail party was held today at the Beirut Marina Yacht Club in the presence of a huge number of invitees and media representatives, during which a cooperation agreement was signed between BML and the famous Lebanese sportsman Silvio Chiha to support his unique project "LEBANON THROUGH MY EYES". This project aims at showing the beauty of the Lebanese natural sites to the biggest number of people in Lebanon and abroad, through recording high quality films in which Silvio discovers Lebanon's hidden beauty and broadcasts it to the world.




Supporting innovative and beneficial activities that promote Lebanon's image in the world is a part of BML's modern and prudent management strategy.




Silvio Chiha is recording those films while beautifully water skiing on Lebanon's rivers. It is worth mentioning that Silvio Chiha won the Asian and Lebanese Skiing Games several times and he also won many Asian water sports games titles.





Mr. Fadi el Daouk, BML's Executive General Manager said "we haven't hesitated at all in supporting Silvio Chiha's project "LEBANON THROUGH MY EYES" driven by the Bank's belief in the Lebanese youth, the lifeblood, with what they are achieving from successes in different domains (Business, Economy, Sports) and with BML's Corporate Social Responsibility. In addition, the project represents a belief in Lebanon and in the uniqueness of its nature that the world should discover. We wish Silvio success because Lebanon deserves such projects that show the real beautiful side of Lebanon, hoping that this project will drive the Lebanese youth forward to more initiatives and innovation."

BML's Management congrats Silvio Chiha for his project and announces that it will support more initiatives aiming at showing Lebanon at its best.
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