Beiruting - Events - Afternoon Tea at Liza
Dec 2015
Afternoon Tea at Liza
Social Event Liza
For the occasion of the festive season, Liza restaurant held a casual afternoon tea for food lovers where press and bloggers gathered to celebrate the end of the year together. The event was held in the old Lebanese house at Liza Restaurant in the authentic area of Ashrafieh. Guests, along with Liza herself, enjoyed delicious desserts such as chocolate mousse with orange bits, a Christmas cake and the famous traditional Lebanese sweet, cooked rice and milk, with a twist of Liza's creativity adding caramel and nuts to it. And for those who didn't want to splurge had the choice of a refreshing fruit salad. The decorations at the restaurant speak for themselves, the beautifully lit restaurant and festive decorations set a special mood for the afternoon.
Ashrafieh , Beirut
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