Beiruting - Events - adidas Ramadan healthy tips session
May 2018
adidas Ramadan healthy tips session
Social Event Beirut Souks

With many preparing to embark on a month of fasting and nightly feasts, the responsibility to raise awareness on how to remain healthy during Ramadan is an obligation that adidas could not turn a blind eye to.

Collaborating with renowned Lebanese dietician and lecturer Randa Fahd, adidas organized an informative event facing its branch in Beirut Souks, from 6 to 8pm, where guests had the chance to learn useful facts in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. Randa's intervention explained how Ramadan fasting could be healthy when combined with exercise, wise running, and healthier food options.

The two-hour event also included a 20-min coaching session by Samer Mansour on best exercising time, intensity, duration, and stretching. Following that, the guests, including media, influencers, and adidas runners, were invited to a 30-minute slow-pace run which was rewarded by a snacking pause where they could indulge in healthy finger food and juices.

Through the expected media coverage, adidas hopes its awareness tips reach the largest number of people on Ramadan's eve, contributing in encouraging communities to choose a healthy life.

Beirut Souks