Beiruting - Events - Zad Moultaka at Salon Du Livre
Nov 2016
Zad Moultaka at Salon Du Livre
Exhibition Biel
We are delighted to announce that Zad Moultaka, Artist Compositor was chosen to represent Lebanon at the Internationale Biennale of Contemporary Art in Venice which will take place from May 13 to November 26, 2017.

As you know the Venice Biennale is the ultimate most prestigious modern and contemporary art biennale in the world.

2017 will mark Lebanon's return of Venice with a National pavillon at the Arsenale Nuovissimo.

Zad Moultaka has chosen to connect Europe to the East through underground worlds, making parietal  art and geological creation coexist by uniting the Chauvet grotto and Jeita grotto, the latter Lebanese gem that moved him since his childhood.

The Biennale will bring higher visibility to the flourishing and much anticipated contemporary Lebanese Art scene through Zad's sensitive and poetic Multimedia installation that will combine musical invention and visual research through an approach where technology takes inspiration from the archaic.  It combines the musical and visual research in a synergy of forms, materials and sounds.

The project is curated by Emmanuel Daydé and led by a professional team that will bring excelllenxe and knowledge of contemporary visual art.

He is met Fifi Abou Dib yesterday at the Salon du Livre to present his project.