Beiruting - Events - When gastronomy and filmmaking meet at Beit Haifa

On Saturday 6th of May, Beit Haifa hosted a luncheon to celebrate their fifth year Anniversary in the presence of social and film industry elites, public figures, media representatives as well as guests from the travel and tourism industries.

The guests enjoyed the sunny spring weather amongst the olive trees.


The owner, May Nasr, served a gourmet buffet with her refined touch of Lebanese food with a twist, as well as traditional Lebanese live stations. Their dishes are infused with Beit Haifa’s finest mouneh products, all homemade by local women.


Beit Haifa is a Lebanese bistro and events venue, situated in the picturesque northern district of Koura. Its artisanal line of products and authentic guesthouses blends together the rustic ambience of our beloved past, with the cozy comforts of home.


Managed by filmmaker and producer Tanya Nasr, Beit Haifa is a tribute to her late sister Haifa-Fay and grandmother Haifa. It is a treasure left by her father Kamal Nasr.


Beit Haifa tells a story of resilience, strength and joie de vivre that defies all odds.


'When film production meets gastronomy and artisanal mouneh production, magic happens!' - Tanya Nasr

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