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Jan 2013
Storm Hits Lebanon
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On Monday January 7th 2013,A massive thunderstorm rumbled across Lebanon,causing the death of at least one person and turning most roads into virtual lakes.

Rescue teams are also continuing to search for a child who is believed to have drowned when his family’s tent was flooded overnight in the southern town of Iklim al-Kharoub, east of Sidon. The seven-month-old boy was washed away in a torrent of water.

Another man was killed when his car flipped over during the storm in the Metn region, according Lebanon’s National News Agency.

Local media reported that heavy rains blocked the coastal highway between the southern cities of Sidon and Tyr, as well as the highway linking Beirut's northern suburb of Nahr al-Mawt to the Metn town of Bekfaya.

Snow isolated many villages from towns in the mountain.