Beiruting - Events - Vinifest 2017
Oct 2017
Vinifest 2017
Social Event Hippodrome de Beyrouth

Under the high patronage of Mr. Michel Pharaon, Vinifest presents its 10th anniversary at Beirut Hippodrome.


Wednesday, October 4

- Opening
- LED dancing by Arthur Murray, pyrotechnical effects, and dome Vinifest illumination
- Rafi Mandanian playing guitar accompanied by Johnny Aouad
- Carine Bou Doumit


Thursday, October 5

- Louis Safi playing saxophone

- Tango and latino dancing by DNA & Cali

- Michel Fadel Spectacle


Friday, October 6

- Guitar show, Nai & Accordion

- Choreography by DNA & Cali8 ROX JADE Show


Saturday, October 7

- Mob show of 6 violinists led by Maestro Maher

- Glam by WAM show with Walid El Massih, Pavo & Nadine

- Black and white parade

- Surprise


Hippodrome de Beyrouth