Beiruting - Events - Video Art Project at Phoenicia
Sep 2014
Video Art Project at Phoenicia
Social Event Phoenicia Hotel Beirut

Launchied on the 17th September, the Phoenicia Hotel will  featured in-room video art from one of the worlds' largest video art collections courtesy of Rebecca Russo and Videoinsight® Foundation. Guests were able to view complimentary video art on their room televisions. During the launch week, several video art displays were also on public display in various locations of the Phoenicia lobby enabling the widest audience of visitors to access this unique exhibition of international video art. The original video art works included prestigious internationally famed artists Hans op de Beeck, Sophie Whettnall, Michael Fliri, Ursula Mayer,  Beatriz Millar and Marzia Migliora to name just a few.




The collection has been generously provided by Rebecca Russo, President of the Videoinsight® Foundation and founder of  Videoinsight® Collection. Choosing the Phoenicia Beirut was an easy decision to launch this collection as Russo explains. "It is a charismatic and symbolic place, rich in history and prestige, full of vitality too. The Phoenicia harbours many people all the time every day.  It is a point of reference in the city and in the world. "




Phoenicia's heritage as the heartbeat of Beirut bringing unique and new experiences to combine with its famed legendary hospitality is built on a foundation of bringing joy and world class cultural experiences to its guests and visitors. With international art widely displayed and incorporated into the design of the Hotel, Phoenicia Beirut creates a new hotel art guest experience with this collaboration. How many of us remember the art from their last hotel bedroom stay? This will be a hotel where guests both remember and it becomes an integral part of their experience and lasting memory.


"We are thrilled at this opportunity to bring a world first to Phoenicia guests and visitors' explained Mr. Weinlaender, Area General Manager Phoenicia, "we have a long tradition of successful collaboration with the arts and we anticipate the installation of the video artworks and our guests' experience and feedback to open an exciting trailblazing chapter in Phoenicia's rich cultural story"
Ain Mreysseh, Minet el Hosn, Beirut, Lebanon
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