Beiruting - Events - Venus Breeze at La suite Oceana Beach Resort
Aug 2018
Venus Breeze at La suite Oceana Beach Resort
Beach Party Oceana

It was a Breezy day with Venus Gillette where they pampered their guests at top Lebanese beach resorts covering North, South and Metn region. Venus indulged visitors throughout the month of August at resorts including Holiday Beach (Kaslik), Aquamarina (Tabarja), Riviera Resort (Beirut) and ended at La Suite Oceana Resort in Damour on Friday 31st of August.



Prominent influencers were invited to spend the day and groove into Venus's pampering experience creating high visibility, raising awareness on the side effects of exposing your skin to chemicals, as well as eliminating the general myth "beauty is pain". Venus offered women the opportunity to look and feel beautiful without experiencing any pain or discomfort that is usually associated with hair removal process.


According to Venus, it is imperative for women in Lebanon to fully embrace their beauty. With Venus' availability, women are able to get an instant long-lasting smooth skin without any pain or discomfort.


Further wanting to connect with women and better understand their needs, Venus discussed with booth visitors the general shaving myths, and offered beauty beginner's guide with easy hair removal methods, seasonal advice and useful daily skin care and beauty tips that will leave any woman looking divine.


A major misconception most women have about shaving, although it is considered a fast and effective hair removal method, is that it will result in thickening the hair and damaging the skin. The fact is that researches and expert dermatologists proved that shaving in fact have multiple benefits including helping the skin rejuvenate, and gently exfoliating it and removing the top layer of dead skin. Venus is committed to provide women with the best hair removing solutions that are chemical free, safe, efficient, and painless that causes no negative alteration to their skin.


The activation ended with visitors enjoying a soothing leg and foot scrubs by professional beauticians followed by and a relaxing spa treatment by professional masseuses. Branded jelly pouches were distributed to all girls to reuse and put their razors and toiletries.


Venus recommends women to use razors designed for their gender, apply shaving gel to ease the process, regularly replace razor blades, hydrate the hair prior to shaving, and to go against the hair growth direction to ensure a more effortless, comfortable and smoother result.


Gillette Venus is committed to the responsibility it has towards offering its customers quality products and ensuring that all it razors, and blades are safe and chemical free.