Beiruting - Events - Tony Ward Ready-To-Wear Fall Winter 2020-21 Collection

You come across a stone,

Place it under a magnifier, & it takes you somewhere else...

Crystallized, perfectly polished,

It glows in many ways,

It has round or sharp edges...

You turn it many times to be sure of its real color...


These Hidden Gems inspired Tony Ward for his Ready-to-Wear Fall/Winter 2020/21 collection.


From monochrome pieces to splashes of colored stones & embroideries,

From blue sapphire & ruby to beige sunstone & blush spinel...

Bold, rounded shoulders, dancing fringes,

Intricately studded capes, newly introduced kaftans, alluring sheerness...

Sketched, molded, assembled together into one crystallized collection.


Each piece has its own Hidden Story...

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