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Jul 2012
To all Musicians & Locals Bands in Lebanon
Concert Harbor 201

Nataly A.SAFY  the singer and main Vocalist of Pattes D'elephant Disco Band has decided to plan an event where all the musicians in Lebanon can gather, meet, learn, love, respect and motivate each other...

MUSIC IS MY RELEGION is the main title of this event. This event gathered all the talented individuals together, under one theme " Music, Love and Peace are my Passion"

The Main idea was to show the size of our Community as NON ORIENTAL LEBANESE BANDS where our talent and voice can touch people's hearts and give us a chance to be broadcasted and heard internationally and locally. How about we gather in one place, one gig, one night. ALL  participated for free, with no entrance fees and no performance charges. Everyone was welcomed.

The event took place on Tuesday , July 17th 2012 at Harbor 201 "Karantina" at 8:00 pm, starting at 9:00 pm Sharp.

Several Bands performed  Blues,  Jazz , Oriental Jazz, Disco ,Funk, Pop and Rock, among few to mention, Pattes D'elephant,  The Real Deal Blues,  Roswell, Bandage, Alain Azar,  Phobia, Z Arabic Fusion, Segundo Bloco, Audio Traffic, Name this Band, Beirut Vibes, Zee Unplugged,  and many more... We might be expecting some international performers as well.

This  event  was the biggest non oriental Lebanese musical gathering, as it was covered by multiple medias  where  all the musicians will have the chance to get exposed and be introduced on TVs such as Orbit Tv,.... and Magazines  such as Agenda Culturel,, Time Out Magazine, Leb Metal, Al Akhbar Newspaper, and much more...

I would wish to thank all my friends, all my musician colleagues, and all of those who contributed to the success of this event .

Special Thanks to Alber Maouad.

Special thanks to our sponsers,mozart chahine,rfx radio,monster energy drink,and hmp harmony music production.

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