Beiruting - Events - Timberland and GS Hosts Sustainable Workshop for Kids
Apr 2024
Timberland and GS Hosts Sustainable Workshop for Kids

Timberland, the global outdoor lifestyle brand, proudly hosted a dynamic and educational workshop aimed at cultivating young minds to become stewards of sustainability. Held at both GS and Timberland stores this May 2024, the event engaged children in a stimulating journey through the importance of eco-conscious living, recycling, and the innovative technologies integral to Timberland's commitment to the planet.

With a focus on education and fun, the workshop immersed attendees in Timberland's sustainability culture, emphasizing the significance of reducing waste and preserving natural resources. Through interactive sessions, children discovered the remarkable journey of recycled materials, learning firsthand how these materials are transformed into eco-friendly products.

One of the highlights of the workshop was a hands-on activity where budding environmentalists tapped into their creativity. Armed with recyclable materials and eco-friendly paints, participants embarked on a mission to craft their own toys, igniting imaginations while instilling the principles of sustainability.

As champions of nature, Timberland remains dedicated in its mission to create a more sustainable future, one workshop at a time. By empowering children with knowledge and fostering a love for the planet, Timberland is nurturing a generation of change-makers poised to make a positive impact on the world.

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