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Sep 2019
The American University of Technology AUT celebrates the Graduation of its Students
University Event Platea
The American University of Technology AUT Fidar celebrated the graduation of its 2018-2019 students during a huge ceremony held at the Platea Jounieh complex in the presence of President Michel Aoun's representative , Antoine Choucair, General Manager of the Presidency of the Republic , Simon Moawad General Director of the Chamber of Deputies representing Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and Fadi Fawaz representing President Berri as well as Deputies Salim Saadeh, Antoine Habchi, Shawki Dakkash, Monsignor Charbel Antoun representing Patriarch Boutros Al-Rahi Former Ministers Elie Salem and Roger Deeb, Ambassadors of the United Kingdom, Serbia, India, Palestine, Antigua and Barbuda. Mayors, representatives of the ministers of education, foreign affairs, parties and presidents of the universities of New York, London and Toulouse

The ceremony began with a speech by Marcel Hinain, Vice President for External Relations, welcoming officials, students and their parents.

University President Ghada Hinain gave a speech: "The family, students, family and friends of AUT are coming together to reap the benefits of hard work . The first successful today is the coronation of our students, and the second is achieved tomorrow when the achievements of life become reality.A a time that extends yesterday from near and far to form a station where we meditate on contradictory images, one foggy and the other brilliant.

She added: I briefly describe our current reality and recognize that it is a dark page in the history of Lebanon and that acknowledging the reality of the crisis is a form of treatment. From this recognition of the fog and the darkness of the image, I look forward to seeing this brilliant image emanate from the sources of hope related to faith. The last 40 years of darkness are preceded by hundreds of luminous years. When we say that each shine is a source of hope, we hear that close bond between hope and faith. When we recall the mention of Lebanon in the Bible seventy times, and in other holy books, and when we strengthen the glory of cedar, we build vessels of communication with the world and the temple of Solomon. When we recall the exploits of the great Lebanese flags, which were at the base of the Arab Renaissance and the creation of new concepts for the systems of human promotion with justice, freedom, dispositions of reason, of citizenship, of the equality and acceptance of different peoples, and when we call the energies of the Lebanese spread throughout the world with its cultural and material treasures, and when we recall a past based on faith in God. Freedom in the land of refuge, the land of heroism of virtues to holiness, when we expect all this and so on, we see the brilliant page and we realize that the transformation is the current dark page and that the constant constant is the brilliant page. If technology, as one of the aspects of material civilization, has contributed to generalize the uncertainty of the current situation in Lebanon and in the world, the responsibility of contemporary science in its academic institutions should limit this contribution by creating a world where technology is governed by human capacity and values. We took this approach during our TUE and took concrete action. "

"With this approach, AUT is no longer justified in fearing the world of technology because it is steeped in values ​​and will remain so." AUT has acquired a pioneering scientific experience based on learning the data of modern technology and science from the human values ​​portal, which remains a priority, which keeps the technology at the service of AUT could not have gained this experience without the academic elites she had chosen to teach. the level of education despite the difficult economic conditions, and I can only thank them for their efforts and their confidence in their educational mission.  AUT has committed to its public and is committed to ensuring that the burden of physical education does not prevent students interested in science. Our university has developed a plan for the next twenty years with the slogan: do not deprive the poor of science, not fear the technologies. The international cooperation program, launched by AUT, has had a very positive impact on the progress of its educational process.

This qualitative development within the AUT extended its presence in Lebanon, sometimes extending from the mother to the branches of Tire, Halba and Koura.

Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Michel Najjar, made a speech after joining AUT Family :

"I am honored to be here today at this solemn ceremony for the first time after Joining AUT family... I can only begin by paying tribute to the the president of this institution, Mrs. Ghada Hanin, and her noble family, who have been devoting her for more than two decades, to establish and build this great educational institution and to offer an avant-garde academic choice to all students who know different conditions of life, life and society.

It may not be a coincidence that the American University of Technology was founded in the suburbs of the wonderful city of eternity ... In Byblos, which means the name of the city of the book or the PAPYRUS paper, which scientists consider as the mother city of writing, which gave the name of the Bible (BIBLE) ...  We also salute all the graduates of the main campus of Byblos and the North Campus, located in the center of the eye, in the middle of the eye, between Koura and the city of love and a resident of Tripoli Fayhaa, as well as Graduates of the Akkar campus and pictures of the city of history ... Our university is scattered throughout the homeland. Its founders and conservatives have made it clear that we want a united Lebanon.

This homeland, which God began to write at the dawn of history and to which she was distinguished by geniuses, has formulated successive chapters of creativity ... It is a book started from eternity and always endless ... And you, the graduates ... You are scribes ... That's the word of the last chapter because it must Write for Lebanon to remain the message and the model ... Sublimation of Lebanon , not concessions from Lebanon ... Lebanon and Christian and Muslim wings united in one Sunday.

It attracts me to the American University of Technology, a university for all. It is a university that does not believe that the value of the university is linked to its huge budget, the high number of buildings and the high amounts, but the high level and what it offers its students educational, cultural, knowledge and experience of life, contact with the world and the last limits of knowledge.  We are experiencing a real crisis in the field of higher education in Lebanon. It is the science-friendly environment throughout the Arab region, which has long prided itself that its differential advantage lies primarily in science alone and not in oil, gas or natural resources. He went to the graduates saying:

We are pleased to congratulate you today on this grand wedding as a distinctive bouquet of bright faces joins the convoy of graduates of this distinctive science building. We are proud of your success and if you are talking to a wider world of knowledge today, school days will remain a good oasis of sweet memories and an endless source of anecdotes and friendships that will remain an asset for you. life.  Rejoice in your success and always maintain your humility, for humility is the character of scientists and saints and because the mind has increased knowledge and vanity. I advise you not to keep your knowledge in the breasts, but to use it as a bridge between you and the other to illuminate his paths by love, which is greater than knowing. Remember first and foremost that you are the promising hope of a better country for a better future and that you are the most important factor in establishing a state of justice and stability in Lebanon.

He concluded to parents:  "Today is the culmination of your sacrifices, your work and your vigilance so that you can know your children.

We congratulate you today on the great livers who graduated from this great university who are starting a new stage towards the most important school.

To the family of the American University of Technology, especially to the teachers, I say: Blessed be your concern, you are the cornerstone that is buried in the ground to silently assume responsibility for the construction.

Soprano Nadine Nassar performed during this beautiful evening The certificates were then distributed to the 500 graduates and President Hinain delivered an honorary doctorate in honor of Mr Hani Hakim

At the end of the ceremony everyone had a toast on the occasion of the closing of the 2018-2019 academic year
Platea Street, Sahel Alma, Jounieh, Beirut, Lebanon
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