Beiruting - Events - Tete a tete Event at Casino du Liban
Nov 2022
Tete a tete Event at Casino du Liban

hursday November 10, 2022, Tete a tete, swept the audience of La Salle des Ambassadeurs at Casino du Liban, by the magical performance of Christina Haddad.
Under the artistic directions and choreography of Rachel Asmar, the show travelled us back to the golden years of Aznavour, Dalida, Warda Al-Jazaeria, Abdel Halim Hafez, the icon of Lebanon, Fayrouz, Tom Jones and many other great artists with stunning scenes.

In a duo with Christina, actor Badih Abou Chakra sailed us back to the time of Allo Hayati, Sea3a w Ghenniye, and Tele Liban in the good old days.  
Another duo with Lebanese opera singer, Marc Reaidy Baz made the audience shiver adding with the greatness of his voice and performance to the magnitude of the concert.
Produced by Neo.Vision PLUS & Music Saga in collaboration with Casino du Liban the event had a humanitarian touch as Christina Haddad and her collaboration with Beirut New Vision Lions Club wanted to share the profits of this unique show with Bassma Association presided by Mrs Sandra Klat Abdelnour in celebration of their 20th anniversary.

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