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Jun 2019
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Holdal Group introduces Swiss Image Facial skin care made in Switzerland

Swiss Image and IBI, member of HOLDAL Group, introduced the Swiss Image Facial skin care made in Switzerland during a launch event, to media representatives as well as bloggers on June 18, 2019.

The Swiss Image Facial skin care made in Switzerland includes 3 ranges: Essential care with toners gel and milk, Micellar Waters, eye make-up removal for different skin types, Whitening line and anti-ageing (36 and above, 46 and above) range Over the decades, the Swiss Alps have been romanticized by the film industry worldwide.  

Swiss Image, a range of effective and gentle skin care products, has scientifically captured the beauty of Alpine nature, which is truly a boon for the brand's customers as modern-day lifestyles and environmental conditions can extract a heavy price from the skin.

The Swiss Image brand has been developed by Swiss Image International, along with its manufacturing arm Medena AG, an Affoltern am Albis based company that specializes in developing innovative and high-quality Swiss cosmetic brands for the world. 

All Swiss Image products have 'Alpine Glacier Water' that is rich in biologically active properties and is easily absorbed by the skin due to its ideal molecular size. 

The Whitening range of products is formulated with a skin whitening formula that is a synergistic blend of ten botanical skin whitening actives that helps inhibit skin pigmentation and lightens skin tone. The Anti-age range also has the innovative 'Snow-Algae' as its active ingredient, unicellular and ecologically pure algae, that strengthen the skin's barrier mechanism, enhance collagen production and reduce the effect of ageing on skin proteins. 

Developed after extensive research, Swiss Image has created a portfolio of products that provide the perfect mix of high-quality formulations with aesthetically pleasing packaging which helps you discover pristine beauty.Swiss Image products are now available in stores, perfumeries and pharmacies in Lebanon.

For more information visit www.swissimagearabia, call Holdal group 01/501000