Beiruting - Events - Swiss Art Talks: Laurent Wehrli
Feb 2018
Swiss Art Talks: Laurent Wehrli
Social Event Sursock Museum
Swiss Art Talks: Laurent Wehrli
Artistic initiatives and the impact on a city
In partnership with the Embassy of Switzerland in Lebanon / Ambassade de Suisse au Liban
With the support of Association Philippe Jabre
held on Thursday 22 Februrary at Sursock Museum,Auditorium, Level -2

This talk explores the impact that an artistic initiative can have on tourism and the economy of a city. Laurent Wehrli, Syndic de la Commune de Montreux in Switzerland, gives the example of his town, which is famous for the Montreux Jazz Festival. Since its debut in 1967, the festival has been proud of the presence of great musicians such as Nina Simone, Miles Davis, Prince, Leonard Cohen, David Bowie, Santana, and Stevie Wonder. The festival attracts more than 200,000 people to Montreux every summer.

Laurent Wehrli is a Swiss politician. He is a member of the Liberal-Radical Party and was elected to the National Council in 2015. Initially trained as a journalist, he has been the Mayor of Montreux since 2011, a city whose dynamism and success he has amplified. He has been a member of the municipality since 2001, where he is in charge of Economy, Culture, Tourism and Sport. Wehrli owns a private project management and communications company.
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