Beiruting - Events - Sushi official launching at Pf Changs
Oct 2014
Sushi official launching at Pf Changs
Social Event City Centre Beirut
P.F Chang's,the worldwide casual-dining restaurant leader in Asian cuisine launches in Beirut its "Sushi a la P.F Chang's" menu. P.F Chang's guests will be able to enjoy sushi like never before through an exceptional dining experience that includes the freshest and finest ingredients,distinctive of P.F. Chang's around the world.

"Sushi a la P.F Chang's " menu includes delicious Sushi Rolls (Maki) as well as Sashimi and Tempura menu addition,sushi lovers will also have an opportunity to combine different sushi rolls on one plate.

This new culinary offer is composed of different tolls among which the below can be found : 

Dynamite Roll : The favorite starter at P.G Chang's now becomes a roll.
Crunchy Ebi : Shrimp tempura roll,cucumber with our special dynamite sauce.
P.F. California : P.F. Chang's style classic roll,Kanikama mix, avocado and cucumber topped with sesame.
Spicy Dragon : Extraordinary fusion of flavors,in the inside, avocado and cucumber topped with spicy tuna and sesame seeds.
Spicy Salmon : The combination roll of spicy salmon and avocado
Sunshine : Amazing roll stuffed with spicy yellowtail and cucumber.
Spicy Tuna : A spicy tuna roll mixed with avocado and sesame seeds.
Asian Rainbow Roll : amazing combination of roll with salmon,tuna,yellowtail and avocado sheets topped with sesame.

The sushi a la P.F Chang's is accompanied by ponzu sauce which is prepared with soy sauce,sake,and citric juices like orange,lemon and lime is served with a portion of wasabi and gari ( thin sheets of pickled pink ginger).

P.F. Chang's new proposition also includes the traditional sake; a Japanese liquor made of rice.
In the menu one will be able to find six different alternatives of sake which can be served either hot or addition,many other cocktails are made from this liquor.

Founded in 1993 Scottsdale, and followed by more than 20 years of success in the United States and around the world, P.F. Chang's offers in two Beirut locations their inimitable American hospitality combines with outstanding ambience and the Asian menu items that have made the brand a favorite worldwide,becoming a Pop Cultural icon in the United States.

"Sushi a la P.F. Chang's menu items are handcrafted with the best and freshest ingredients resulting in carefully prepared sushi rolls with bold flavors,and magnificent appearance" commented Philip Chiang, co-founder of P.F. Chang's. "I am thrilled to visit Beirut once again and look forward to serve our Lebanese consumers who we know appreciate good food,service and ambience".
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