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Mar 2015
Start Living Right by Maya Nassar
Social Event Blu Port Beirut

Start Living Right by Maya Nassar-Launching of the Mobile Application


MAYA NASSAR is a sports nutritionist, certified personal trainer and fitness enthusiast.


MAYA NASSAR is officially endorsed by the Lebanese Ministry of Youth and Sports as an athlete. She is also a bikini competitor and participates in international fitness modeling championships. In May 2014, she competed in the Pure Elite UK Championships and won first place.


MAYA NASSAR has extensive experience with fat loss and has completely transformed her own body by creating her own meal plans and workout programs. She has pushed to her limits both mentally and physically to get into the best shape of her life.


MAYA NASSAR has networked and trained with some of the most accomplished professionals in the fitness industry. She promotes natural, safe and permanent fat loss through hard work and healthy eating.