Beiruting - Events - Slava's Snowshow in Lebanon
Mar 2017
Slava's Snowshow in Lebanon
Social Event Palais des Congres
Attending this event,  we didn't know what to expect... Clowns? Balloons? Snow? We knew it was a unique, fresh, creative and different but we couldn't imagine what's behind the curtains. The show began, curtains opened and from the beginning they grasped our out most attention.  It's not your ordinary clowns, it told a story! I won't go in too much details because i really recommend for everyone to check out this show and see for themselves. Honestly, we thought it was aimed for children, but I'm pretty sure the parents enjoyed it just as much and so did the rest of the adults (including ourselves). It's interesting, unusual and connects you to your inner child, the one you may have lost touch with.
Thank you Solicet for a great event!