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Jun 2024
Shou Ya Ashta
Theater Theatre Monot
Theatre Monot Beirut-Monot Theater Shou Ya Ashta Lebanon

" Shou Ya Ashta "  a dark comedy by Wafa'a Halawi, Michele Fenianos and Riad Chirazi, offers a poignant exploration of gender-based violence amidst Lebanon's challenging landscape. Through a blend of humor and introspection, this play sheds light on societal issues.

Dr. Jouni, a respected therapist, guides characters like Nour, Leila, and Mira through their journeys of healing and self-discovery. The play challenges societal norms, addressing victim blaming and the culture of silence.

With its witty comedy and compelling narrative, "Shou Ya Ashta" sparks conversations about societal change and justice, inviting audiences to confront their own beliefs about desire, power, and self-determination. The title's deeper meaning, rooted in Lebanese slang, further underscores the play's exploration of objectification and resilience.


Starting May 30, 2024 at 8:30PM at Théâtre Le Monnot

Written by Wafa'a Halawi & Riad Chirazi

Produced by Michele Fenianos & Wafa'a Halawi

Directed by Riad Chirazi

With Cynthya Karam, Wafa'a Halawi, Salma Chalabi and Katy Younes.

Production Management by MFG Consulting

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