Beiruting - Events - Rima Fakih & Wassim SAL Slaiby Wedding
May 2016
Rima Fakih & Wassim SAL Slaiby Wedding
Wedding Chateau Musar
The Beauty Queen has tied the knot with her King. May 14 and May 15 have been such an overwhelming couple of days for Former Miss USA Rima Fakih, who is originally Lebanese, and the love of her life Wassim Slaiby who is also Lebanese-American.
The Patriarchal Edifice in Bkerki witnessed the wedding of Wassim Slaiby and Rima Faqih who have chosen their motherland, Lebanon to get married.


On May 14, a massive pre-wedding party​ was set to celebrate the couple's last night of celibacy.  Rima made her entrance in a breathtaking black and white jumpsuit, and Wassim was carried in by his friends and they celebrated all night long until the early hours of the biggest day of their lives.




On May 15, and surrounded by her family and beautiful bridesmaids Miss Lebanon Emigrant 2010 Daniella Rahme and Former Miss Teen USA Kamie Crawford, Rima shined in her Elie Saab wedding gown like she just came out of a fairytale. She and Wassim pronounced their "I Do" and the wedding was followed by a legendary celebration at Château Musar in Ghazir in presence of well-known celebrities like Wael Kfoury who revived the evening, The Weeknd who performed as well, Joe Ashkar, Haifa Wehbe, French Montana, Massari, and many more who wished the happy couple a life full of happiness and Love.


Congratulations #RimaAndSal! May the upcoming years hold you the best out of the best. Much Love!​
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