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Mar 2015
Product of the Year Award Night 2015
Social Event MusicHall

Honoring 34 of the country's top consumer goods and recognizing their efforts in offering innovative products, 'Product of the Year' (POY) hosted its 5th annual awards ceremony at Music Hall on Wednesday March 25th. The event was attended by hundreds of guests, prominent business people, as well as media partners.



This year's winners, divided into 34 main categories, originated from a wide range of groups including Consumer Packaged Goods, with an emphasis on Food and Beverage, Health and Beauty, Personal Care and  Household Products, to name a few.  Future categories can also be added to the list, based on innovation or new offerings in the market.



A representative panel of 1200 Lebanese consumers voted for the products based on a nationwide representative survey that was commissioned to Ipsos, the number one research company in MENA and third around the world. The research experts conducted face-to-face surveys with consumers tackling areas such as product innovation, usage, attractiveness, satisfaction and purchase intent.  These surveys are dealt with to derive comprehensive and transparent results, reflecting the most accurate consumer preferences.



"At Ipsos, we work with clients from different industries, to gauge consumer insights and aid them in tailoring their marketing and brand strategies to achieve more effective results," commented Janine Nassar, Research Director at Ipsos.



Commenting on the occasion, Dory Kfoury, CEO of 'Product of the Year', Middle East and North Africa stated that, "it is always exciting to be a part of something that will allow these well-deserved brands to feel exceptional, as well as offering an added value to their overall brand image.  Let us not forget that POY is celebrating their 5 year anniversary this year and has well-established itself in the market."



Kfoury went on to say that "despite the current political and economical situation in the country and the region as a whole, brands are still focusing on ensuring that they are innovative and realizing that this innovation does not happen by chance but rather by taking action."



The 'Product of the Year' stamp allows a consumer to easily identify the country's top innovative products and inevitably increases product sales by approximately 10 to 15 %.  Furthermore, past winners have noted positive changes in consumer behavior, as well as increasing brand awareness on their respective brands.




The award lineup and winners for 2015 are as follows:

Client Name


Product Name or Line Name

Achkar Plus


Achkar Grains

Aoun Food Company - Aoun SARL


Aoun Spices Bags

Atyab SARL

Olive Oil

Zeit Al-Ayleh

Daher International Food Company

Cereal Bars

Poppins Fruity Bites

EAM - Etablissement Antoine Massoud

Canned Sea Food

Monarch White Tuna

EAM - Etablissement Antoine Massoud

Canned Vegetables

Monarch Whole Corn

Food and Drug Corporation SAL


Canderel Sucralose Base

Food and Drug Corporation SAL

Tomato Paste

Pomi Crushed Tomatoes - Passata

Fromageries Bel

Cheese In Slices

La Vache Qui Rit Slices

Fromageries Bel

Light Cheese


Fromageries Bel

Processed Cheese

Picon Emmental

Henkel Lebanon SAL

Liquid Dishwashing Detergent


Joseph B. Amatoury s.a.r.l

Hand Wash

114 Mousse Hand Wash

Lebanese Co. For Modern Food Industry SARL


Gardenia Grain D'Or Lebanese Tahina

Lebanese Co. For Modern Food Industry SARL


Gardenia Grain D'Or Jams

Lebanese Co. For Modern Food Industry SARL


Gardenia Grain D'Or Natural Balsamic Vinegar Of Modena

M.Nassif & Fils SAL

Pet Food

Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition

M.Nassif & Fils SAL

Cuisine Bio

Bjorg Bouillons

M.Nassif & Fils SAL

Non Alcoholic Beverages

Bavaria Non-Alcoholic Malt Beverage

M.Nassif & Fils SAL

Luncheon Meat

Zwan Turkey Luncheon Meat


Powder Juice

Darina Instant Flavored Drink



Domo Custard Powder



Domo Jelly

Moussallem & Partners-MB sal


Le Copenhague Jambon Superieur

Beiersdorf Middle East

Deodorant For Men

Nivea Fresh Power Deodorant

Beiersdorf Middle East

Deodorant For Women

Nivea Powder Touch Deodorant

Beiersdorf Middle East

Facial Care

NIVEA Face Care Cleansers Range

Beiersdorf Middle East

Body Moisturizer

NIVEA Cocoa Butter Body Lotion & Body Cream

Societe Moulin D'Or Libanaise sarl

Light Line

Moulin D'Or Lighter line

Société Tabbara Pour Le Commerce et l'Industrie sal


Tatra Instant Line

Sonaco SARL


Al Rabih Syrups

Spartan Chemical company sarl

Laundry Care

Bravo Laundry Detergent

Tanmia Agricultural Development Co. SAL

Fresh Chicken

Tanmia Fresh Line - Whole Chicken & Cuts

Wafra International


Junior Mini Croissant