Beiruting - Events - Phoenicia Hotel hosts Dr. Anthony Fakhoury's birthday party
Oct 2022
Phoenicia Hotel hosts Dr. Anthony Fakhoury's birthday party

Phoenicia Hotel hosts Dr. Anthony Fakhoury's birthday party


Smile to Smile Dental Clinics invited a group of political, artistic and media figures to a dinner party held at Eau De Vie restaurant in Phoenicia Hotel, coinciding with the reopening of the hotel, which is considered the most prominent hotel in Beirut, the most famous historically in the Arab region and Lebanon's tourist front.

The dinner party was not ordinary, two occasions were celebrated, the birthday of Dr. Anthony Fakhoury, founder of Smile to Smile Dental Clinics, and the reopening of Phoenicia Hotel after two years of closure.

The evening, which extended until the early hours of dawn, was dominated by the atmosphere of joy and celebration. The opening was with Jihad Chemaly band, and the voice of the star  Nicolas Osta, who greeted Dr. Anthony Fakhoury the son of Zahle, the guests also were animating the night by singing, dancing, presenting comic sketches and poems among them Tony Abou Jaoude, Elie Chemali, Arze Chidiac, Bernadette Houdeib, Michel Azzi, Amal Taleb, Johnny El Osta, Chady Maroun, Rodrigue Ghosn, Robert Mikhael, even the media invitees revealed their artistic talents, they sang and danced and everyone participated in cutting the cake, wishing the doctor continued health, happiness and greater successes, especially after the expansion of Smile to Smile clinics Dental Clinics in the United Arab Emirates. A classy and beautiful evening that brought back beautiful memories. It was hope for a better future for Beirut, and a candle that lights up the darkness of its gloomy night.

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