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Nov 2014
Opening of Toot Beirut
Social Event Toot Beirut

"Traffic and noise in Beirut; a new restaurant now opens in Hamra with a name reflecting irony and simplicity at once.



Toot! Mirroring the roads of Beirut ...



Today, a new Lebanese restaurant comes into service. Today, a new taste of the Lebanese cuisine is introduced. Today, Beirut witnesses a new corner café to relax and enjoy an innovative flavor of the Lebanese food.



This time I come with a personal experience, as Beiruting was present in the opening of Toot on the 5th of November 2014. Many celebrities were present; Fadi Ibrahim, Mohamad Kais, and Nader Khoury to name a few. Tout serves a diversified menu, but with a fusion. The service is prompt and quick, and the waiters are friendly and talkative. It feels as if they are one family, united for one purpose and one alone; the excellence of a good bite.



Hamra, be it Bliss street or its internal roads; the street that never sleep, is crowded with restaurants and pubs. Competition is fierce, but Toot comes with a vision; serving with style. The restaurant is very elegant and modernized, but maintains the historical image of the Lebanese tradition through its music, seating, and yummy yummy food.



Nothing further to elaborate as experience beats expectations; be there, and be abundant.