Beiruting - Events - Opening of May Haikel Studio
Apr 2019
Opening of May Haikel Studio
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In the presence of many personalities, media figures and clients, May Haikel opened her Interior Design Studio at Gemmayze Beirut. Here you can find a refined selection of furniture and decorative items designed with passion.



May has both a Bachelor of Arts and a Master's Degree in Interior Design from Beirut University College.


Working in many areas of interior design; from domestic and industrial kitchens, furniture, marble and stone surfaces, stand exhibitions and building finishes like gypsum and false ceiling, May kept working alongside the technological and ethical approaches to design.



The studio can provide Interior Design services for both residential and commercial projects. The studio works at enhancing space through the use of high-end furniture, art and specialized accessories from varied cultures.



"I am always intrigued to discover new cultures, habits and behaviors through city life, historical backgrounds and museums where I can develop an understanding of shapes, forms, materials and colors."



May also believes;

"Life offers so many varieties of shapes and the skill to be able to pick the scene that best fits a vision."



"Space has its value when you can highlight its features."